A goldfish bowl?

Hi everyone,

I’m soon is going to make this a ‘live’ section, in the sense that people will be able to post their ‘agonies’ here and I’ll attempt to answer them the best I can, but in the meanwhile, I’m going to put in a few interesting agonies that have come to me for resolution lately. Here goes!

Is a goldfish bowl a cool gift?

The girl whom I love has her birthday this week. I plan to gift her a Fishbowl with two fishes (which would symbolize us). Is this Idea OK? Coz I read online that fishes tend to die soon in a fishbowl coz this is un-natural habitat for them. But I’ve see loads of fishbowls on TV so I’m not sure if I should believe this…what do you say?

I say…

Ya, a fishbowl is a nice enough idea… the only thing is that fish do die really fast in a fishbowl. So, if your friend is a sensitive type, it may not be a good idea and of course you may want to keep in mind that you will have to keep a perennial supply of fish coming! Just warning you that fish are expensive!

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