A Prayer for Aruna Shanbaug

Please have mercy my lord, I said

As I saw Aruna curled up in bed

I know God keeps record of deeds past and present

But thirty seven years is TOO MUCH of a torment!

Have you outsourced recordkeeping or have you lost Aruna’s record?

For you cannot be so stone-hearted my lord!

Aruna is suffering and I know it is sad

But who are we to kill her? Asked my dad

What’s the uproar? Why this fuss?

Don’t you think the Almighty knows better than us?

Ask the nurses; the caretakers

The senior officials; the lawmakers

They all want Aruna to live till her last breath

So let’s not thrust upon her this untimely death!

Let’s wish she be freed from all her sins

In the final battle against injustice hope she wins

Let God do justice in his own well-thought way

And let the tormentor not be spared, let’s pray!

Please don’t sympathize with Aruna’s state

Empathize with her agony and suffering, my mate!

By Mansi Sharma

Categorized as My friends have something to say