Aanandi’s letter

I got this surprise mail from a bright, pretty young girl, who used to study in Sri Aurobindo School of Integral Education, where I worked as coordinator some years ago. I regret that i never taught this girl!

Subject: a thought to share
hieee Mam,
Firstly i would like to congratulate u for ur book..before i say nethn related to “Dear Agony Aunt” i wana share smthn.. Frankly um too lazy to specially open up a newspaper and go thru everythn datz printed … mayb once in a blue moon il have my complete concentration on the newspaper in my hand… One fine afternoon my di just mentnd about an article in “the Tribune” written by you.. Frankly i was not excited but i was surely keen to read dat.. I read it once.. then again and again … but each time i read it, d feeling was identical …”Wow”… What an article!! Since then i always wait for my di to cum up fully excited and crazy and i understand its either an article or a poem or nethn dat includes u …
I love reading whatever u write cuz ur way of expressing and presenting d piece of ur mind is really unique… U write the way it pops up in ur mind, without ne added frills and trills and sophistication and without evrythn dat deletes d minimum of interest … d beauty of ur writing is dat its real … no adulteration!!!
I love reading fiction … cuz its fiction… a world dat i m cumpltely unaware of.. cuz when it cumz to d real world,dre are many perceptions and contradictions and ideologies… Not evrythn dats written in a buk (dat deals with wats in d real world) even by ne renownd author can completely satisfy us cuz dre always be somewhere a disagreement… but dre are sum authors i appreciate like Rhonda Byron, Zitkala sa, chetan bhagat ,margaret mitchell, ruskin bond, J.k. rowling, Stephenie meyer, khushwant singh, khalied husseni, umberto eco,etc and after reading “Dear Agony Aunt”.. its u…… It really made me learn … especially from Mahi Khanna who now defines the word strength for me.. i agree she chose what she got but going thru ol dat and still having d strength to stand for herself, instigated respect forher in me… After reading and understanding what an agony aunt really is , i do wish to have such an agony aunt in my life to guide me so beautifully thru everythn… um saying dis cuz i know um gona b in self creatd problmz ol t time.. inviting dem with ol my love to mess up nethn gud i have in my life….
I just hope ul consider me capable of reading d very inspiring thougts of ur mind dat give meaning to whtever little world of thoughts i have…
Take care…. and keep writing for il b waiting for d next buk with Ms. Aradhika Sharma as the author….

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