Ashes to ashes, The G factor

Ashes to ashes

In the Ashes series, the Poms pummeled the Aussies down under with an innings win every time. Captain Ricky Ponting stayed away from the final encounter citing a broken finger. Methinks however, he was rapped on the knuckles so hard by the administration, he needed medical attention. As for the rest of the Awesome Aussies, their daily meal must literarily have turned to ashes in their mouths!

The G factor

G scams galore! G for Games, G for G auction, G for guns, G for gigabucks. So then, is a G-string a money belt? And now the BJP opens up the old Bofors story to train its guns on the Congress. Talking of guns, maybe they should try the Bofors. Fires long range too so they can take pot shots from a safe distance. Quattrocchi, it is alleged, made a killing of Rs. 42 crore. Peanuts, in today’s world. Can barely buy a bag of onions right?

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