Baby, Baby, Baby!

Baby, baby, baby!

When I saw you little baby, I was filled with such overwhelming love

That I could cry

My heart swelled up like it would burst and took away air from my lungs

Like I would asphyxiate and die

Such intense adoration, such a gale of gladness, such a rush of sweetness

Every other emotion did belie.

Gazing at you my little baby, I remember when your mother was born

She was sweet, my little one, and the apple of my eye

But you my darling, have pushed all else out, you are my breath, my thought

You’re in my smile, in my blood and in my happy sigh

My God! My core’s bursting; my heart’s in my throat, my breath’s all gone

But my head in pride is held so high

So tender, so sweet, my baby girl- can anyone be so perfect?

Nope!Never! No matter how hard they try

Can joy be so painful, happiness so perfect, life so wondrous,

That my eyes just won’t stay dry?

I think I’ve found my perfect love. Baby, leave your footprints on my heart,

I swear, I’m the happiest grandfather, I am the luckiest guy

This poem is dedicated to my dear, dear friend, who just became grandfather to the most beautiful little girl!

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