Best friend always around bf and me

I am a 23 year old girl. My bestie is a girl , and we have been together since birth. She fell for a really good friend of mine at the age of 17, and i set them up ! Things were perfect b/w them , bt they wer poles apart , and slowly diffrnces crept in. They had a bad break up 2 years later , and did not remain in touch.

However , since Akash was my elder bro’s friend nd was very close 2 me ,we kpt in touch. Anu knew it nd was cool abt it. He always flt dat anu and he wer vry young wen they started dating , nd dats y it dint work out.Now he is 25 , more mature, a true gentleman , and still as gud a human being as he ws b4

We were friends for a long time , and we dont when it turned into love. Anu was out of town 4 studies, nd jst came bak wen i told her abt this rcnt development..She was clearly nt happy , bt congratulated me .. we r nt gtin married anytime soon , bt jst got engaged 2 months bak.. nw d thing is dat she is constantly takng out flaws in akash, and cautions me dat he wil break my heart in d same way as he broke hers. she is evn openly flirting wid him , and both akash nd i dont like it. i m gting insecure , and though akash assures me dat he is ovr hr , bt i feel anu is being a clear kabaab mein haddi , and is being ovr jealous and possessive ..Hw shud I ask hr 2 back off without jeapordising my fndship wid hr ?

I said…

Right, now the thing is that you should accept that things have changed and no matter how hard you try, your best friend is going to resent you and your fiance. As you say, she is always trying to put you against him, while herself flirting with him.

There’s no point in trying to hold on to the best friend thingy, because actually, neither of you is very comfortable with each other right now. If you continue, you will end up quarreling with your fiance while resenting her more and more.

As adults, we sometimes have to take a hard look at our relationships. It may be best to back off from her a bit and not include her in your plans. Meet her once in a while without your fiance…talk to her on the phone less and try to avoid speaking about the boy.

This is not really her fault, its human nature to behave in this manner, but make life simpler for yourselves, will you?

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