The story of the book covers!

This is a bunch of book covers that were presented and then rejected, for one reason or another by the powers that be, which includes Roopinder Singh, Rajiv Kaul, my sister, Gunjan Sharma, my young friend, Ravneet Wadhwa and me! The first few are by the Rupa designer, who finally designed THE cover- the one we have now on Dear Agony Aunt.

Why were the others not used? Well, we found some too cutsey, or too bright, or just too teenager-ish, some were so dull or super retro that they were described as ‘Gulshan Nanda Novel covers!’ Then there’ s one in a distinctively distinguished style, and its a cover that I, personally just loved, but it had to be put aside because it was perceived to be too ‘corporate’. That was designed by Rajiv. You can’t miss it! its the only one on a white background!

Then Paramjeet decided to step in with his team of designers! And when he send the designs, it was with a lot of, “Ums and Ahs…welll, I dunno…you see for yourself!” We did see for ourselves, and guess what? REJECT!!!

Finally, we have what we do and we all love it!