Dear Agony Aunt

About Dear Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt is a novel which is based on the online experiences of the Agony Aunt of a very popular website. In fact, this is not a ‘haww’ book at all. The author treats her ‘agonies’ with genuine concern and gives due ear and advice to the people who come to her. She knows that while sometimes these problems maybe pure fantasy, many times they are genuine cries for help. She tries to deal with the issues with equal seriousness because she believes that no matter how trivial or mundane an issue, its emanating from a person’s mind…and that person is important. He is writing in because he is seeking an answer.

The agonies in ‘Dear Agony aunt’ are true, as are the stories that the answers are based upon. Of course, the author must be allowed some creative license, but she has tried to be as honest in the book as is possible. She has based the chapters on various ‘issues’ like domestic violence, abuse at the workplace, arranged marriages and cyber relationships. There are a couple of chapters that are purely ‘fun’.


In this book, the author has categorized chapters based on the overwhelming concerns of people on the foundation of the agonies that come to her most commonly. Thereafter, she has made my own comment about the issue. Then, loosely based on the topic, she chose a selection of the agonies that came her way, and the suggestions she gave them. This is followed by a story which actually happened and which gave her the insight to be able to make her comment or give advice to the Inagony.

Online, Offline, for example, starts with a short note on cyber/ online relationships, goes into the related agonies of people who have faced various situations because of such relationships and follows through with You got ‘Male, an experience of a cyber matrimony that almost happened. Similarly, there are stories about extra marital relationships, Extra, Extra! ; Abuse in the workplace, The Homecoming; The period before the period, PMS time for women, Hormonal Hell and a few more.

Thus, each section has three parts: the subject or issue, the query and suggestion and then a story. There are a couple of chapters where the author has divulged from this format. In Are these problems really real?, she has picked out queries that were so far out or outlandish, that she thought they were remarkable enough to go into a chapter of their own. And, Wanted to say…but said, where she has talked about her initial, individualistic response which, for the sake of judiciousness, was changed into a response more befitting an Agony Aunt, rather than an individual.

Book Launch – Meet the author

I cannot express to you how delighted I am that my book is being launched. I’d be even more delighted if you could be a part of the experience. I know that you will bring positive vibrations to my book, and so I’m asking you to please be there. At Lajpat Rai Bhavan, at 5.30 pm, Friday, the 3rd of December.

Sunita Williams Achiever Extraordinaire

The biography has been reviewed widely all over the country and the first print run, said to be over 10,000 copies, was sold out within days of it being released in the market. A rocket-assisted catapult has put the authors firmly on the bestseller lists in India.