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Subhaan Allah! Meet the Fatehpur Sikri poets

An unexpected experience of Fatehpur Sikri are the delightful urchin poets who will recite their shers for all of ten rupees…

The Dara Shikoh Festival of Art,Ideas and Action!

The Dara Shikoh Festival of Srinagar encourages vibrant dialogue, energetic and varied workshops and experiments in theater, music, photography, poetry and environment to celebrate the heritage of Kashmir in pristine and salubrious settings of Almond Villa.   The Tribune (Spectrum)  carried the story. here’s the link:  

Machine Ka Thanda Paani

  In Delhi, when we were little, there were these machines for water where the vendor would draw out cold water for the thirsty. These were mechanized  ‘piyaus’ where we would pay 10 paise for a glass of chilled water. (Yes, you got that right- 10  paise.) These are the modern paani walas, offering bottles [...]

How about ‘train’ing the yatris?

I’ve been doing a great deal of train travel of late which has given me the opportunity to notice incidents that reflect traits that are quintessentially (and embarrassingly) Indian. But I started to think about how people from abroad would be judging us as a nation merely by observing our ‘railway travel’ behavior when I [...]

Where are the girls?

Where are the girls? We recently visited Khajuraho. Nothing we had heard or seen had quite prepared us for the beauty of the temples. They were simply breathtaking in their grandeur, and, yes, some of the sculptures are seriously erotic. Absolutely no holds barred. The temples are situated in the middle of town, resplendent for [...]

Bugs over Drugs

I’ve always been fascinated by street art. Different places have their own versions. While in Manali, you see graffiti, sketches and paintings of Bob Marley, in Udaipur and other parts of Rajasthan, you will come across paintings on the walls of houses- motifs of haathi, ghodas and warriors alongside studded wooden doors. No prizes for [...]

Mad About This Ad!

I think that by far one of the most effective and simple ads I’ve ever seen is of a Pagri shop near the Golden Temple.  We’d visited Golden Temple at the crack of dawn and stopped at a tea stall outside the famous Bharawan da Dhaba. As we were sipping the milky, sugary hot brew, [...]

Memories of Khushwant Singh

I remember visiting Khushwant Singh in Kasauli about 6 years ago with my friends among who was Roopinder Singh, who had arranged the meeting. I was to interview Khushwant for an article. It was 4 PM on a summer’s day and he’d invited us for tea. We walked down the winding pathway to his sprawling [...]

The Glorious Golden Temple

Recently,on a weekend, my family and I visited The Golden Temple after a gap of nearly 25 years. I had expected it to be a nice experience but nowhere near as mystical and magical as it turned out to be. We did go for a short darshan on Saturday evening, the day we arrived but [...]

Our Woman’s Day poster

Rajiv made this fantastic poster for Women’s Day and I did the text. It’s our salute to all the wonderful women we know… More power to them!