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Heeeere’s DEE VEE!

The young gentleman had his own brand of cards. He named them DIG cards. I did dig his cards, actually! Short and sweet…and sort of basic, don’t you think so? This one can give your eyes a squint.Vaise, it’s a poem…or is it? Squint continued….

Artists still at work….

Zoru had his private picture of the Madonna it seems…. And the text that he wrote…. Here’s another one of his Mother’s Day cards. Its beautiful, this one…

My boys: the artists!

The boys, when they were young, used to make cards for me. They were funny cards- sweet, funky, loving! I wish I’d been more careful about preserving them because they give me much pleasure and amusement now. More art…… And that’s not all… I’m not done yet. I’ll post some more stuff to embarrass them!

Die-t another day

Shonali Sabharwal’s Beauty Diet My friend Roopinder informed me that I have to do an interview with this celebrity dietitian who has published a book with Hema Malini and her daughter on the cover. ‘What do I know about diets and dietitians so I thought that you could do the interview’ He reasoned. ‘She’ll be [...]

Japanese food at Hibachi

Picture by Baljit Singh Rajiv and Cheena invited us to the new Japanese restaurant in town to sample Teriyaki cooking! In addition to our hosts, there were Dina, Baljit, Roopinder, Jasprit, Gupi and yours truly. It was exciting to be seated around a live cooking area while the chefs raised up a storm of sizzle [...]

The Pune Diaries

I went to Pune to visit Zorawar, my older son. Once there, we hung out together a lot, chatted and caught up on life  and times. In the process I also got a glimpse of the casually easy, multi cultural, ‘take-it-cool-dude’ spirit of Pune. So trendy, so casual, so happening, so crowded, so not following [...]

The Udaipur Files- Part 2

The ancient, one toothed mithai maker On the same long and winding Palace Road, is a tiny little, ancient shop manned by an equally ancient, one toothed gentleman, who makes the most delicious namkeenas and Kalakand. He’s evidently very popular because there are people always queuing up before his shop. His Kalakand is a bit [...]

The Udaipur Files

Gunjan, my sister, Digvijay my boy and I were in Udaipur for a few days only- my first visit there, Gunjan’s third and DV’s introduction to his place of study. They were whirlwind days packed with impressions. Three days are not enough for Udaipur, that’s for sure! I’m putting down some random vignettes of a [...]

Bhag Bhag DK Bose, DK Bose, DK Bose….

People kept saying that this song from the forthcoming Delhi Belly had a gaali. Ravneet and I must have listened to it a hundred times to figure out what the gaali could be but for the life of us, could not get it. We did make some wild guesses though, but nowhere near the real [...]

Manju Kapur in conversation

At the Annual Summer Festival of the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi, one of the star speakers was Manju Kapur, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I was invited to conduct an interaction with her. Happily, I agreed. ‘Sureeeee! I LOVE her books! I’ll do it’ I told Manju Jaidka, chairperson of the Akademi. And then [...]