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The elegant Sidh Baba ka Mandir, Chail

This summer, I particularly wanted to visit this temple. I’d been here a few years ago and had thought then that I would return to this peaceful, breezy spot…and it did happen. Legend has it that a saintly figure – a Sidh came in the dream of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who originally planned to build [...]

Khaike paan Guptaji wala

Guptaji, to us,  is a really important person, featuring firmly on our day’s itinerary. Right after lunch, its paan time, and no one makes a better paan than Guptaji. What’s more, we pay him as and when we want to. It’s always a surprise to him when we do pay him. He doesn’t expect it [...]

These Shani Men….

One comes across these guys on Saturdays, feeding on people’s fears, I think. Some of them are dressed in the white uniform and turbans of the Jai Shani Dev collectors. The others simply carry a small container with some mustard oil, a piece of unidentifiable black tin/steel submerged within, that’s supposed to be the God, [...]

Coffee at 11

11 O clock, and the world can wait because its time for the wonderfully aromatic brew- coffee. It’s also the time when, after that first press of work, I take a break and meet up with friends for half an hour to catch up with life and times. There’s this sweet Italian café just a [...]

The Crazy Cow

This is not a picture of an ordinary cow! This is a cow (actually buffalo) that attacks if anyone takes its pictures. It’s a camera unfriendly cow. How do I know? Read on… My friend and I were bowling past, one winter afternoon, through a Punjab village, when I saw the sweetest, rosy cheeked, colorfully [...]

Gur, better, best..

One sunny winter Saturday afternoon, I set out with a friend to explore the farmlands surrounding Chandigarh. I wanted to explore how gur, (jaggery) was made, mainly because the lovely fragrance of gur, when its being made, has wafted in through the open windows of the car whenever I’ve driven past a gur making enterprise, [...]

My women’s day message!

Burn the bra? Why the hell should I? It’s cost me a bomb! I bought it  cuz I want to feel beautiful… And what’s more….I paid for it with my hard earned money!

Simrat, Simran, Harsimran and Simi

The Book Club I kid you not, but Simrat, Simran, Harsimran and Simi, were the names of some of the lovely, erudite ladies I met at a book club I was invited to, in February! Hosted by one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met, named Ravi,  They were discussing The Life of Pi that [...]

Omlettes in Office

Great Eggs-pectations! After all how many sabzis and rotis can you eat everyday? Food in office can get a bit boring, you have to agree. So, today we decided to do a spot of cooking in office. It was to be a simple omlette for Ravneet and me, but it entailed a whole lot of [...]

The Balgo Paintings

I was invited to see and exhibition of Balgo paintings. The colours of the paintings printed on the invitation card were just leaping out at me, beckoning me to see them ‘in real life’ at The Government Art Museum on Friday, the 14th of Jan. I was interested to know about this form of art [...]