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Power to Change

All my life I’ve been eve-teased. All Indian girls and women have. It really doesn’t matter if they are beautiful or average, sick or healthy, dark, slim, pock marked, fat, dowdy, smart. Catcalls are great equalizers that way…..

His name is Bond… Ruskin Bond!

The first time I met Ruskin Bond was at the launch of his book of poetry called A Little Night Music. Kapish made a special effort to introduce me to Ruskin and I remember asking him, ‘Can I kiss the hand that writes so wonderfully well?” and he, completely unflappable replied, replied, “Here, in front [...]

Experiments with Plum Cake

I love plum cake! I can write poems on it. I can eat a whole plum cake in a day. It’s such a wonderful creation. Its fragrances, its textures, those alcoholic fruits inside! Oh God! Although, this I will tell you, that I’ve never, in North India, had the sort of plum cake that the [...]