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Hubby saw email about his family

Hi, We have a beautiful family life -my little daughter, husband and myself. MY husband is gem of a man and I am so happy to have him as my life partner. But as most of the girls, I find it quiet difficult to get along with my in-laws. Recently some behavior from them pissed [...]

I’m in love with a TV actor

hello…. i m very very upset bcoz of my dreamy nature…..i m in love with Vivien Dsena, a TV actor…whole day i used to think abt him. Now I’m fed up with my feelings….i m 24 n my parents r trying to getting me engaged. How will I be happy with another person? I want [...]

Best friend always around bf and me

I am a 23 year old girl. My bestie is a girl , and we have been together since birth. She fell for a really good friend of mine at the age of 17, and i set them up ! Things were perfect b/w them , bt they wer poles apart , and slowly diffrnces [...]

Is his bf cheating on him?

Hi ! I am a 24 yr old girl frm Mumbai.My best friend is a successful interior designer here, and is gay. He is an amazing human being , and we have been friends for a very long time ! Recently , he met a guy(a struggling model) who took a lot of interest in [...]

Husband doesn’t like to cuddle

I am happily married since 1.5 years and I am pregnant with our first child. My husband is very loving and caring and I can’t imagine a better partner. but the problem is he of ” Touch me not” types. He doesn’t like anybody touching or getting very close physically like hugging, kissing or touching. [...]

Should I tell fiancé about childhood?

I am a really big fan of you Mam and really appreciate the way you tackle all the problems.I am 24 year old girl. My best friend proposed to me a year back , we got engaged and are getting married next year. My fiance is a wonderful person , who respects my decisions , [...]

A goldfish bowl?

Hi everyone, I’m soon is going to make this a ‘live’ section, in the sense that people will be able to post their ‘agonies’ here and I’ll attempt to answer them the best I can, but in the meanwhile, I’m going to put in a few interesting agonies that have come to me for resolution [...]

New Year Advice :Kick Butt!

New Year Advice :Kick Butt! Kick Butt! Too much nicotine burning up your lungs? Kick the butt! Feeling nostalgic for black and white times? Watch Guru Dutt Loud music, sounds of yelling, drunken driving? Yell at the Jatt Torn between the boys, the club and the outdoors? Go golfing and putt! Someone stalking you on [...]

Agony Aunt’s special advice!

Beatin’ the winter blues! … Now how to keep warm in winter? How to keep away the cold, cold blues? A fire, or a sweater, or a cardigan Ain’t gonna give you the warmth true! Agony aunt says, ‘girls get yourself a hottie He’ll keep you warmer than a hot water bottie!!!’