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What Happened to the Bistarband?

  The other day Col Sahib and I got talking, remembering travel in ‘fauji times’ and I got reminded of this piece that I’d written several years ago! Thanks to the Tribune archives, I’ve located it….my ode to the bistarband! What happened to the bistarband?  by Aradhika Sharma               [...]

I Shall Sit Here!

  There are no signs saying that ‘Dogs and women not allowed’, but if a girl is standing on the side of a public road waiting to be picked up by her friend, there’s bound to be a lot of unwarranted interest in her, as vehicles slow down and men poke their heads out inquisitively [...]

Mathura- Vrindavan : Land of faith, food & fables

Mathura- Vrindavan: The Land of Krishna   Mathura- Vrindavan embodies every element that you associate with ancient temple towns. They are humming, buzzing, and busy places with a vitality that vibrates in the air. Intensely active and filled with the enterprise that’s typical of such towns- you can actually feel the energy pulsating under your [...]

An Epilogue to Etiquette

The Manners Malaise Or An Epilogue to Etiquette Scenario 1 It was when I was waiting to purchase movie tickets in a mall when two trendy girls looking rather perturbed made an appearance. They peered over the shoulder of the man ahead of me and loudly said ‘excuse me…excuse me…’ to the girl dispensing tickets [...]

Taken for a ride at Pahelgaum

   Taken for a Ride at Pahelgaum When my friend and I visited Kashmir recently, Pahelgam was firmly on our agenda. ‘What do we do when we reach Pahelgam?’ we asked the manager of the boutique hotel in Srinagar we were staying in. ‘See it, what else?’ he replied surprised. ‘Of course we will see [...]

For the Love of God!

This article on ‘practical spirituality’ was printed in the Spectrum: the Tribune on 26th April, 2015.  

Where are the girls?

We recently visited Khajuraho. Nothing we had heard or seen had quite prepared us for the beauty of the temples. They were simply breathtaking in their grandeur, and, yes, some of the sculptures are seriously erotic. Absolutely no holds barred. The temples are situated in the middle of town, resplendent for all to see. [...]

Breaking the Mould

  How mainstream actors are daring to experiment and do it successfully! You can read this article in the Sunday Pull out section of The Tribune    

Ad(d) Value

This article appeared in The Spectrum, on Dec 1, 2013!      

Hands on Mantra- Story on the DIY Trend

This piece on the recent DIY trend, appeared in the Tribune on Sunday, the 23rd of April, 2014