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Going Solo

This article appeared in The Tribune on the 22nd of June, 2013      

Welcome to zombieland

This is a part of the article on the new genre of Zombie films in Bollywood that appeared in The Tribune. For the full article, here’s the link:

Charitable Indians

This is the glimpse on an article that is meaningful to me. For the detailed version, please click on:

Sports stars light up silver screen, finally

The rest of the story is here…

Buy Yourself a face

This article appeared in TRENDS, The Tribune,on Sat, 29th Sep, 2012

To Boldly Go where No Woman Has Gone Before

This article appeared in The Last Word, in The Tribune, on Sunday, 30th Sep, 2012

Machine ka Thanda Pani

This article appeared in The Sunday Tribune on July 29, 2012

In Sync with Spirituality

This article appeared in The Spectrum, on May 4th

Age No Bar-1

This article was printed in Spectrum on 25th of Feb, 2012.

Age No Bar -2