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This maddning morning….

My sister, Gunjan, wrote this account of her morning and it was so inspiring  and touching that I can’t help but put it down here. “First the rains, then the total confusion on the streets, what with a major flyover in Noida turning into a 2 way street. Then the sea of cars, sea, because [...]

A Prayer for Aruna Shanbaug

Please have mercy my lord, I said As I saw Aruna curled up in bed I know God keeps record of deeds past and present But thirty seven years is TOO MUCH of a torment! Have you outsourced recordkeeping or have you lost Aruna’s record? For you cannot be so stone-hearted my lord! Aruna is [...]

The Preferred Gender

On this Woman’s day, one tries to imagine what it takes for a soul to be born as a girl and then to blossom into the woman which was inborn in her. Passing through this world as a father I have seen this one silent evolution: that of my daughter, whom I held for the [...]

Review: Dear Agony Aunt by Vikramjit

I met Vikramjit by chance at a book release function, which happened to be in a book store. He said that he’s been reading about my book, quickly picked up a couple of copies, promised he would revert with his candid opinion and the next day, in my mail, I found this….Its such a pleasing [...]

Don’t Wanna Be Punju !!

Here’s just a little poem to describe Aradhika maam’s plea to not tag her as a “Punju”… coz she so dislikes their characteristics…. not realizing the fact that she is so much a ‘Punju’ herself. Enjoy !

Aanandi’s letter

I got this surprise mail from a bright, pretty young girl, who used to study in Sri Aurobindo School of Integral Education, where I worked as coordinator some years ago. I regret that i never taught this girl! Subject: a thought to share hieee Mam, Firstly i would like to congratulate u for ur book..before [...]

Ashes to ashes, The G factor

Ashes to ashes In the Ashes series, the Poms pummeled the Aussies down under with an innings win every time. Captain Ricky Ponting stayed away from the final encounter citing a broken finger. Methinks however, he was rapped on the knuckles so hard by the administration, he needed medical attention. As for the rest of [...]

Pyaaz ke liye pyaas!

Pyaaz ke liye pyaas! One always knew that chopping onions often brought tears to your eyes. But with the current prices refusing to come down, it now seems that your eyes begin to water even as you buy them. Now, to a family like mine that simply thrives on that pink veggie, consuming over a [...]

A Belated New Year Wish :)