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The Communion

A soft, sweet fragrance rises in the air, The balmy air is perfumed with love Colourful birds sing together in pairs And the gods shower blessings from above!   Strains of the flute waft along almost silent as they begin Soon, strongly, they fill the world with their passionate vibrancy They prevail over sound and [...]

Monsoon Love?

Monsoon Love? Monsoons don’t come soon enough, and when they do, it won’t stop raining! My skin is dry in the dusty heat but with Monsoons, my joints start paining I want the rains, I watch the sky, if it doesn’t rain today, my plants will die… But goodness, did it have to rain today? [...]

Baby, Baby, Baby!

Baby, baby, baby! When I saw you little baby, I was filled with such overwhelming love That I could cry My heart swelled up like it would burst and took away air from my lungs Like I would asphyxiate and die Such intense adoration, such a gale of gladness, such a rush of sweetness Every [...]

Ribbons in my hair, Forever!

I think I was overburdened with living that day In the cafeteria, I involuntarily sighed. The Colonel looked at me over his specs ‘A penny for your thoughts’ he said ‘I think I’m growing old’ I sighed again ‘I’ve wrinkles on my face and my shoulders pain.’ He smiled quizzically at me and looked a [...]

Cinderella’s Ugly Sister Speaks

Now you tell me, my sisters, how you would like To be called UGLY through the ages gone by? Always, every time any woman tells the Cinderella tale It’s about me and my sibling being ugly without fail! I’m not such a bad sort, actually, you know I’m nice, a bit mixed up like all [...]

That’s the Way I Wanna love You

You know the way we laugh out loud and joyously Our sides ache and we roll on the ground at the silliest joke As if we can’t ever stop; gasping for a breath between the paroxysms That laughter long and loud and true Sharing rib-tickling hilarity is the way I wanna love you! You remember, [...]

I Survived a Cyclone!

I’ve known rough winds, lightening and thunder, but never a cyclone But now I do and they said there was ne’er one like this before The unrelenting Thane cyclone, unmatched in power and intensity Rampaged through the ocean and town, remorselessly- no pity In Pondicherry, my grandmother’s home, the sea is placid, usually This vacation [...]

Oops! Here I Go Again!

(Conversation between the heart and the mind) There’s no feeling quite like it that I must insist That sweetness that new love brings- impossible to resist The breathless anticipation of a smile or a look warm My heart thuds so hard, I believe, I may do it some harm My mind severely says’ Stop! Don’t [...]

Miss India – Here I Come!

Daddy asked me what I’ll be When I grow up to be 20 I got on my thinking cap All my potential, how to tap? Shall I be a pilot? What a bore! Greasy plans aren’t for me for sure The uniforms aren’t that pretty too So let me think of something new. Shall I [...]

What Makes Me Happy

Often I surprise myself, I catch myself being happy Grief I am aware of but happiness catches me napping Stresses and angst will rule the mind, joy is a quiet reflex Elation we take for granted, while the mind loves to perplex To solve this conundrum I did resolve, grief I wanted to ban I [...]