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The Weed Speaks Up

Mistress: Oh! Look at the lawn, mali, It’s overrun with ugly weeds This weed will choke my plants, on their health it feeds Dig it out and uproot it, and let the grass be clean Small and slender it may look, but it’s a mean machine Weed: Hey! Look at me; I’m a weed and [...]

Do you really need love?

If I had a daughter, I would tell her this….. Everyone wants love; they want it bad, O Lor’ A girl without a lover really wants him bad But when she finds someone her heart beats for, She also gives him the weapon to make her sad. Do you really need love, think about it [...]

Partners in Destiny

What is this talk of Master and Slave? Words are not sharp to slay Nor sweet to assuage this flaming soul. To revolt so badly that your mighty strength Yields to my tantrums and listens to my words. To shrink from agony without whose friendly strife Love, Hope, Joy and Ecstasy could never be. Despair [...]

Phenomenal Woman ; Phenomenal Man

Phenomenal Woman                                                              Phenomenal Man Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.             Accomplished men wonder where his secret lies I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size    Not tall or handsome by a model’s size But when I start to tell them,                                             But when [...]

What the F**K

What the F**k I’ve never much approved, of the F word being abused Use it if you must, but in acute situations when words fail You know those extreme situations when you’re left gasping In outrage, anger, shock, irritation or when you break your nail When you’re out without and umbrella in the pelting hail… [...]

Sitting, Sitting, Bum is Aching

I believe that we’re all familiar With the situation I’ll be describing Not too sure however about The remedy I’ll be prescribing Not sure in fact if remedy there is any When sitting begets us only Aches n pains in our sweet fanny! Sitting, sitting, bum is paining And no amount of ‘sit down’ training [...]

My Muse

The first time I saw your face it threw a spell on my heart For this one moment I waited and lived the ages past Whenever I look at the sunlight I see your smiling face Whenever I see a flower, it is you in your radiant grace The first time I met you I [...]

Wild, Grey and Unruly

Wild, Grey and Unruly My hair has always had a life of its own, To general recalcitrance, it’s always been prone Can’t say I’ve liked it much, though I’ve always been proud Of its strength, its resilience and that it stands out- in the crowd Of straight, tame, shining hair that does what it’s told [...]

You HAVE to love baby, its Valentine’s Day!

I’m all for days that celebrate people and feelings… Mother’s day, to celebrate mom’s bountiful love Father’s day, to show that you appreciate him World Peace Day to wish for a distant dream Environment day, Martyr’s day, Foodies day Republic day, Independence Day, World Health Day World AIDS Day, Cancer Survivors Day…. I’m all for [...]


My younger son, who likes to be called DV( which is better than the DJ  ROX that he went by a couple of years ago) was given the task of introducing the chief guest, his grandmother at the launch of DAA. He did it in his own style. This is what he had to say… [...]