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Safe sex slogans based on Nursery Rhymes

AIDS and teen pregnancies are so rampant that it’s scary. In spite of the awareness campaigns run by the government and NGO’s, kids still don’t seem to understand the enormity of the problem and will still indulge in unsafe sex practices. My friend and I decided that we should create some slogans that are fun; [...]

I am Chandigarh

I am Chandigarh I am Chandigarh, did you know? I am its creation. I am its child and I, its heartbeat. This city, like me, has grown, from a soft gentle place To a pulsating vibrant being, that holds its own From a sweet, tender, shy city To a strong woman who insists on standing [...]

An Ode to Beer

An original poem by Aradhika Sharma!! I’m tired, I’m mad, I’m ready to quit! I’m, down and out; with fatigue I’ve been hit! Stuck in traffic for hours, in a procession Ain’t getting a raise because of recession!! Wife’s PMSing, the grind ‘n shake is out anyhow Mother in law is visiting…that ghastly ol’ cow! [...]