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Simply Punjabi, Jan 2011

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Dear Agony Aunt review- The Tribune

Art of advice By Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu Till about a month ago, my responses to those requiring a willing-shoulder-to-cry-on consisted mainly of a forceful ‘dump him/her’, whip him/her’, and ‘get another’. Irrespective of whether it was annoying partners or spouses, bratty kids or hard-to-like bosses; not ……….. Keep Reading Download PDF This review appeared in [...]

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The Tribune

Agony & Ecstasy By Nonika Singh I am always in agony. Such words from an agony aunt might sound like euphemism. But Aradhika Sharma, an agony aunt of a popular website, whose book Dear Agony Aunt was launched at Lajpat Rai Bhawan on Friday, as part of ongoing Rupa book fair, shares that it is [...]

Hindustan Times

Story of Untold Pain By Vivek Gupta There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. And, Chandigarh’s Aradhika Sharma has lightened herself by bringing out scores of stories in her latest book titled ‘Dear Agony Aunt’, which perhaps will help people peep into many modern-day conflicts —whether relationships, both offline and [...]

Indian Express

Agony and Ecstasy By Parul Bajaj There is nothing that cannot make a person unhappy — especially love and money. Thank the media, then, for Agony Aunts. They hold our hands, wipe our tears, tell us how to hit back and, most importantly, how to move on. For the past three years, city-based author Aradhika [...]

The world is watching with bated breath as Indian origin American astronomer Sunita Williams and the rest of the crew on board the space shuttle Atlantis makes its final descent to Earth after having undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) earlier yesterday. …Keep Reading


Astronaut Sunita Williams has captured the imagination and the hearts of millions worldwide during her sojourn in space that lasted over six months. She set a world record for women for Extravehicular Activity through four spacewalks totalling 29 hours and 17 minutes. …Keep Reading

The Telegraph

There is a problem when you’re writing a book about a person the whole world knows of. You tend to stick to the obvious and avoid taking risks. The result is that the book reads like a list of achievements with random anecdotes thrown in to break the monotony. …Keep Reading

The Telegraph

That Sunita Williams likes her pistachio ice-cream with a chocolate topping is well known. The world also knows that she likes her chholey, for the astronaut kept a detailed log of all that she ate and did during her sojourn in space. …Keep Reading