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The Hindu

It feels like I’m waiting for the return of a family member, I’ve gotten to know her so well,” exclaims Aradhika Sharma one of the co-authors of the book. …Keep Reading

The Indian Express

Even as Sunita Williams was looking to end her Mary Poppins existence and touch down on Earth and have a pizza with her husband, another launch is being planned. No, not in Houston, but in New Delhi. To coincide with her return, Rupa launched Williams’s biography, Achiever Extraordinaire, last week. …Keep Reading

Newsletter from the American Consulate General, Chennai

Further cementing ties between the United States and India, the momentous visit of the USS Nimitz and USS Pinckney July 2-5 was a landmark event. In addition to taking Indo-U.S. military-to-military ties to a new level, the visit of over 6,000 Nimitz and Pinckney sailors to Tamil Nadu strengthened people-to-people relations as well. Keep Reading

Book on Sunita awaits her return – The Tribune

The protagonist of this book is sitting in space but that has not deterred a city-based writer from dashing off a biography with the protagonist’s support! Aradhika Sharma’s book on Sunita Williams is near completion. She is waiting for Sunita to come back to earth, literally, before completing the last chapter and sending it off [...]