Cinderella’s Ugly Sister Speaks

Now you tell me, my sisters, how you would like

To be called UGLY through the ages gone by?

Always, every time any woman tells the Cinderella tale

It’s about me and my sibling being ugly without fail!

I’m not such a bad sort, actually, you know

I’m nice, a bit mixed up like all you others babes

Fell in love with the wrong guy at a stupid ball

And I got labeled ‘ugly’ and Cinderella, ‘the doll’!

Maneuvering, manipulating girl she is I tell y’all

Mealy mouthed type- butter won’t melt in her mouth

Stole my father, my clothes and my sweetie

And worse, I got called ugly and she, the beauty!

My poor father, God bless his soul, married her mom

We were happy- we had another sister to share with, we thought

But she preferred to skulk around with the servants in the kitchen

And though she smiled sweetly, we guessed she was a- bitchin’

Strange and silent, wearing rags, we never did know why

Our father got us pretty clothes- we were never deprived

She would choose the nicest gown and the prettiest shoes

But stow them away somewhere; never wear ‘em- the silly goose

Until of course, she spotted my own sweet Prince Charming

The rest is history- you all know the story well

I don’t care ‘bout all that now, but sisters hear me

To be called ugly eternally, is my great tragedy!

Who needs to be called ugly? It’s bruising and mean

Moreover, it’s not even politically correct

Don’t want the Prince, the carriage or the glass shoe

But remove the ‘ugly’ please- this much you can do!

Hmmm?? Whaddya say sisters?

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