Die-t another day

Shonali Sabharwal’s Beauty Diet

My friend Roopinder informed me that I have to do an interview with this celebrity dietitian who has published a book with Hema Malini and her daughter on the cover. ‘What do I know about diets and dietitians so I thought that you could do the interview’ He reasoned. ‘She’ll be coming into town sometime next week, so I’ll get you her book at some point of time.’ Assuming that it was an interview for the newspaper, I agreed.

‘The publishers will call you with the details soon.’ he said

Within a few minutes of the conversation, I got a call from Shabnam. ‘I’m calling from Random House. Thanks for so kindly agreeing to do the interaction with Shonali.

It’s to be in Capital Book Depot tomorrow at 5pm’.

‘Excuse me! Capital Book depot? I thought it was to be an interview for a magazine! And tomorrow? I haven’t even seen the book.’ I exclaimed.

‘Oh, I’ll have it sent across, no problem’ and Shabnam hung up.

Anyway, the book was sent across and I read it deep into the night. It’s a well written book, though severe in its recommendations. No milk, no sugar, no carbs, no salt, and lots of exercise.

I enjoyed reading it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream covered with stewed strawberries.

The next day was the interaction. It was cool. Shonali is a cute looking dietitian and has loads to say about the right foods and the right attitude towards dieting -her way. I didn’t have too much to do really because the attendees asked all the questions. I just intervened now and then to keep the conversation going and asked about her celebrity client list of course.

After the interaction, I stopped for coffee, grilled cheese sandwich and sizzling brownie. All that talk about food had made me hungry!

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