Husband doesn’t like to cuddle

I am happily married since 1.5 years and I am pregnant with our first child. My husband is very loving and caring and I can’t imagine a better partner. but the problem is he of ” Touch me not” types. He doesn’t like anybody touching or getting very close physically like hugging, kissing or touching. We are not into sex since I got pregnant because we fear it might cause complications. But i want him to cuddle and hug me more since it makes me feel nice and secure during this time. I have told him this many times but he doesn’t listen. I dont judge his loyalty because I know he has similar behaviour towards others also. He doesn’t like when others say “hello” and share a hug.

I have tried asking him whats the issue and he says he feels like his personal space is being invaded. I don’t understand what to do as this may cause problems when baby comes as I fear he wont take the child in his arms or share a close contact. from what i have heard babies and kids want close proximity with elders and want to be loved and held all the time.

I said….

Hi there!

So, a beautiful baby is on the way…that’s lovely! Congratulations! Now, the thing is, about the cuddling…your husband is going to have to make an effort for your sake you know. I understand that he has space issues but once one gets married, these boundaries do get blurred and we do have to factor in the needs of the partner, specially when that partner happens to be a pregnant wife.

That’s what you should ask for, my dear. he’s going to have to break the mould of his habit and make the effort for you and the baby. You are the one who needs to be cared and loved now…and he should give you that. So try and explain that to him and if he does not cuddle…well, you can always get cuddling with him, can’t you?

Don’t worry about what will happen when the baby comes. it will be fine, I’m sure. Right now, just ask for what YOU want.

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