I Survived a Cyclone!

I’ve known rough winds, lightening and thunder, but never a cyclone
But now I do and they said there was ne’er one like this before
The unrelenting Thane cyclone, unmatched in power and intensity
Rampaged through the ocean and town, remorselessly- no pity

In Pondicherry, my grandmother’s home, the sea is placid, usually
This vacation though the cosmos had other holiday plans for me
Of tumultuous waves, moaning winds, lashing rain, trees going crazy
Crashing, breaking, howling sounds, of awful lament and fury

Shivering and scared- I burrowed deep into my bed in dreadful fear
But my nani, my mother, held on firm; my sister in spirit was near
My friends were desperate to hear my voice, to know of my safety
After Thane passed, I had time to think (there was no electricity, you see)

Of waves of fate that had tossed and sundered my quiet life in the past
Of uprootings, partings, betrayals, untruths that had torn the heart apart
Of wrenching pain, of bitter bile, that only people you love can cause
But I survived those cyclones too, harder to survive, I reflect and pause!

The strong women of my family were even then protective and tender
They let me make my mistakes, take decisions, start any new endeavor
My friends had reached out, supported me and held on true and fast
While I rode the waves of pain and the skies of fortune, overcast

Cyclones come in every life, they either strengthen or sunder
It’s always easier if we learnt, to the divine will, surrender
And now I wish that I receive the same grace as my friends do
To hold fast and to support and see the cyclone- hit ones through!

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