I’m in love with a TV actor

i m very very upset bcoz of my dreamy nature…..i m in love with Vivien Dsena, a TV actor…whole day i used to think abt him. Now I’m fed up with my feelings….i m 24 n my parents r trying to getting me engaged. How will I be happy with another person? I want everything from my life but i know its not possible….vivien is too handsome n i know i will never ever get a guy like him……….

I said….


Look, everyone is in love or loves or admires some star or another but that does not mean that they will put their lives on hold for them. anyway, what you see on TV and what they are in real lives are two different things, and not likely to match ever.

Don’t waste your life away. Get real, my dear and get to grips with life!

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