Is his bf cheating on him?

Hi ! I am a 24 yr old girl frm Mumbai.My best friend is a successful interior designer here, and is gay. He is an amazing human being , and we have been friends for a very long time ! Recently , he met a guy(a struggling model) who took a lot of interest in him. I must admit the guy is really handsome and did manage to make me skip a beat. They started meeting up regularly, and soon entered into a relationship. I was really happy for him , as he deserved a true partner , and his new bf seemed to fit the bill perfectly. They soon moved in together.However , my best friend told me that they never had sex till date , and were waiting to be completely ready..

Recently , my best friend’s parents came to visit him, and his bf had to find alternative accommodation 4 a month. Since there seemed to be no way out , I offered to help him. He moved in here , and I thought its pretty harmless as he is gay.
Now the thing is after coming here , he is behaving in a very different manner. His manly side is predominant , and he is trying 2 flirt with me ! He is being all so chivalrous , and has even tried to see if we can get intimate. Though I have resisted all his attempts , I am afraid that he is bisexual ! Or he is straight and has pretended to be gay just because my friend has really cool contacts and can help him with his career?! I really dont know how to break the ice in front of my friend ! I really dont want to break his heart as he has already been in a terrible relationship in the past .. Also I have had a really strong crush on him in past, which has got a fresh new flame. I am afraid I might just fall for him , which I dont want to happen even in my worst nightmares !!

I said….


Listen to me…get this guy out of your house ASAP and it may not be a bad idea to tell your friend that he’s been trying to come onto you also. look, technically, he is your best friend’s boyfriend and even if he is using him for his contacts, that does not vindicate him, because it makes him come across as an opportunist- using him for contacts and you for sex/ a relationship/whatever.

Do yourself a favour and get out of close proximity from him. You owe loyalty to your friend not to a new person who has entered your lives, no matter how hot he is, OK?

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