Japanese food at Hibachi

Picture by Baljit Singh

Rajiv and Cheena invited us to the new Japanese restaurant in town to sample Teriyaki cooking! In addition to our hosts, there were Dina, Baljit, Roopinder, Jasprit, Gupi and yours truly. It was exciting to be seated around a live cooking area while the chefs raised up a storm of sizzle and fry…flames went up, food sizzled, we girls looked pretty with flushed faces as we stuffed ourselves with food and the heat from the fancy tawa.
I decided that this was a good opportunity to a free lesson in Japanese cooking from the chefs, while they were at it. I kept asking them how they’d made this sauce and marinated that piece of chicken and what was in this bottle and what came out of that one! I think I irritated them beyond measure because one apprentice chef held up a bottle and said:
‘Ma’am, this is water and we get it from a very very special source.’
‘You do? Wow! Where do you get it from?’
‘From a very special place ma’am and that’s what makes all the difference’
‘Tell…from where do you get it? Why is it so special?’
The young chef looked at the head chef for approval. he nodded his head slightly
‘TELL na…where do you get the water from? I’m really curious.’ I persisted
‘OK ma’am…if you insist! We get it from the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh’. the chef grinned!
My friends just burst into laughter and I sat down, chastised. Rajiv gave them an extra big tip.

Bleh and Bah! Humph! What do I care?

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