Miss India – Here I Come!

Daddy asked me what I’ll be
When I grow up to be 20
I got on my thinking cap
All my potential, how to tap?

Shall I be a pilot? What a bore!
Greasy plans aren’t for me for sure
The uniforms aren’t that pretty too
So let me think of something new.

Shall I be a teacher then?
But how’ll I meet those hunky men?
Hanging out all day with a pen & books
No one to dig my sexy looks!

Maybe I’ll get to be an architect
That should get me some respect
But I’ll have to work with cement n bricks
That’ll make my fingernails hard to fix!

In truth if I do introspect
I really don’t want boring respect
I’m a simple girl;I want simple things
Money, fame, cars, necklaces n rings.

While I was giving my mind a race
I saw a pimple on my face
I swooned, I screamed, I bit my nail
How could I hide my terrible disgrace?

Then it came to me like a lightening bolt
How could I have been such a dolt?
My face was my fortune, didn’t I realize?
How to cash in? How to make it a prize?

Jubilated I yelled for ma and pa
I’m going to be “Miss India’

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