Monsoon Love?

Monsoon Love?

Monsoons don’t come soon enough, and when they do, it won’t stop raining!

My skin is dry in the dusty heat but with Monsoons, my joints start paining

I want the rains, I watch the sky, if it doesn’t rain today, my plants will die…

But goodness, did it have to rain today? Yaar, I’d put my curtains out to dry!


Ah the rhythmic rain-resonance on the roof –like drummers’ beats- just hark!

The rushing water, the gushing drains, makes me feel like a walk in the park

Lightly I frisk out in the sweet pitter patter but a bloody heavy umbrella I tote

And that stupid car just splashed me-does someone have a monsoon remote?


Kids make muddy puddles their swimming pools, shrieking and feeling just fine

I look out smiling at their fun – but thank god, those children are not mine!

“Let’s go for a drive”, my loved one beams- suggesting romance in the hills

A second thought of the traffic snarl ups en route, his ardour effectively stills


Chalo, let’s celebrate the monsoons- Play the CD of a rainy day  gaana

I’m happy to sing along but just have to wait for the batti to ‘waapis aana’

Accha, we can celebrate with sizzling hot pakoras  and sweet, syrupy  jalebis

Enjoy eating them and don’t think about who’s going to work off the calories


I’m really not complaining- I love the rains and the high monsoon winds, I do!

The grass is greener, the birds are happier and the darn insects are biting too!

Uh Oh! Here I go again- But, let’s face it, who can always sanguine be?

There are no unmixed blessings and honestly, incessant rain can get to me!












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