Oops! Here I Go Again!

(Conversation between the heart and the mind)

There’s no feeling quite like it that I must insist
That sweetness that new love brings- impossible to resist
The breathless anticipation of a smile or a look warm
My heart thuds so hard, I believe, I may do it some harm

My mind severely says’ Stop! Don’t go up that alley again
It may cause you some angst; girl- may bring you plenty pain
But the heart you know, is  a fey, floating, feathered thing
Once engaged, it craves excitement only love can bring!

‘Don’t be a fool’ says Mr. Mind; don’t throw your peace away!’
The heart pretends that it’s deaf and love games runs off to play.
‘Fool girl!’ persists the mind, ‘You’ve been up that street before
Don’t go there again, I beg of you…quick! Firmly shut the door.’

The heart is listening only to its own joyous laugh
It’s skipping and it’s prancing, too happy by half
The mind knows and knows (and that’s its tragedy)
The theater of love can quickly turn into uninspired parody.

The mind warns and somehow the heart starts to hear
Mr Mind’s dire warnings fill it with unknown, dark fear
‘Will I get shattered again? Cracked, chipped, and scarred?
Help! What’s the way out? Tell me Mind; think hard.’

‘How about you take the middle path?’ Suggests the mind
Of deep ties of friendship that enrich and bind
A place where you laugh and share and love freely too
Don’t feel neglect, or of imagined slight make ado?

Umm…well, it’s not really what I was looking for, my sweet
Passion, romance and rose gardens are more up my street
But then I suppose that for love to last true and long
It’s best to eschew ardor and choose a less tumultuous song

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