Review: Dear Agony Aunt by Vikramjit

I met Vikramjit by chance at a book release function, which happened to be in a book store. He said that he’s been reading about my book, quickly picked up a couple of copies, promised he would revert with his candid opinion and the next day, in my mail, I found this….Its such a pleasing review. And what a writer Vikramjit is! His words fall over themselves, so much energy he has!

Dear Agony Aunt- A review.

Angst letters, under pseudo names, seeking advice from AA the know all, tell all, aunty, who with her soothing words, rids one from, guilt, shame, pain, fear, that one is able to live a life of meaning and semblance is what dear agony aunt is all about. In an information crazy spinning world, the middle class India is breaking bounds and barriers, we might not acknowledge it, but sheela ki jawani, and munni badnam hui, are really just the opening tracks of the great sexual revolution the great Indian middle class is about to go through. Dear agony aunt is not only an eye opener, but should be a ready reckoner for families lost in ancient beliefs and traditions. A click of the mouse, and the real world is staring starkly at you, naked, choose your symptoms and react accordingly.

Aradhika has promise in her as a writer, she smells the colors, and colors the smells, that the human shades of black and gray come tumbling out from persecuted hearts and minds. She also is a funny bone poet, who could turn a disorder into an Ogden Nash limerick. Her characters are everyday people, living everyday lives, the wife beater, the hugging, pawing old chairman, the overseas liar, and the living abroad seeking homely Indian wife expat, the fantasizing sexual fiend, all have one thing in common, dominating the weaker sex. Where as the weaker sex is further weakened every month, on different dates, till menopause sets in.

I see Aradhika as a humorous Germaine Greer in the making, a woman laughing at her self while relating to the world around her. Indian woman have come a long way, and some where every moment, a new resolve, a new beginning is being made, this is not we have nothing to lose, get together, we can fight this out Madhu Kishtwar sloganeering, but quiet steadfast bold decisions of taking on a world, and saying ‘no’.

Agony and women get along so beautifully, fear feeds the fury, and fury turns to impotent rage, which ignites the dry dead wood, that it becomes the burning symbol like Christ on the cross, but then how many heathens can you convert, they are here to rule the world, and they shall keep on ruling. I feel this book should be read by all young modern women, and young men. Not that the world will change, or we all suddenly will be beamed like Spock the bachelor to Shanghari-la, but both men and women will no things that till now were presumed false or true. Aradhika handles the presumptions with words and aplomb, but the test is if the reader can cope with his conscience, and take the bold step to change. Slowly change is setting in, awareness is catching up, and we shall catch the drift. Till then carry on writing Aradhika we will overcome.




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