That’s the Way I Wanna love You

You know the way we laugh out loud and joyously
Our sides ache and we roll on the ground at the silliest joke
As if we can’t ever stop; gasping for a breath between the paroxysms
That laughter long and loud and true
Sharing rib-tickling hilarity is the way I wanna love you!

You remember, when we were walking out there in the hills
Panting with exertion yet enjoying the exhilaration
Of the cool mountain air, sunshine on our faces
Lying on a roadside bench, looking up at the pines and the sky so blue
In union with the mountains, sky and earth is the way I wanna love you!

You see when I’m grumpy and low and sad
Tears in my eyes for no reason at all
Only being in your arms and smelling your warmth
Will keep me from feeling so forlorn and blue
Burrowing deep in you is the way I wanna love you!

And when my money is scarce, no job in the offing
Worry lines on my brow and sleep so fitful
That I wake with a headache that stays
And you say, ‘I’m here, silly, all of mine is for you’
My eyes fill with tears and that’s the way I wanna love you!

Sometimes, when I am outrageous, rude and bad
I know I’ve got it wrong but won’t admit it
Still, I tell you cuz there’s nothing that from you I hide
You’ll listen and explain and chide sweetly and severely too
Being  improved and honed constantly, is the way I wanna love you!

When you turn to me in passion with that look in your eyes
Our sweet love is as ardent as the first time you kissed me
Your touch and your breath say it all, not a word do you need to say
The world fades away;  you make my heart soar, you do
Merging with you in ardour, is the way I wanna love you!

And you are there when I’m full of enthusiasm
For something new that I’ve thought of achieving
I just tell of my idea and you seriously work out the modalities
Ever with me in every project howsoever crazy and new
Together at every step, baby, that’s the way I wanna love you!

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