The Communion

A soft, sweet fragrance rises in the air,

The balmy air is perfumed with love

Colourful birds sing together in pairs

And the gods shower blessings from above!


Strains of the flute waft along almost silent as they begin

Soon, strongly, they fill the world with their passionate vibrancy

They prevail over sound and the world must shut down its din

Music overwhelms; the call of love is in complete ascendancy


Nature’s at a standstill as she rejoices at the wondrous vani

She knows the cosmic tunes herald the flawless union

Of the marvelous flutist Madhav and his beloved Radha Rani

Perfect love! No conflict, there’s only divine communion


No one may enter their cloistered world

Let the breeze hold its breath and no bird make a sound!

Hush, Silence! Be soft- no vibration- not a word

Let the celestial celebration of love abound!

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