The Preferred Gender

On this Woman’s day, one tries to imagine what it takes for a soul to be born as a girl and then to blossom into the woman which was inborn in her. Passing through this world as a father I have seen this one silent evolution: that of my daughter, whom I held for the first time, still tied to her umbilical cord to the innate woman that she is today.

When we think of a woman – soft, gentle, emotional, caring and loving are the qualities that come to mind. Women are innately more sensitive, a quality vital to understanding self and others. She is capable of an understanding beyond words, a mastery of the language of the heart. As a caring sister she knows exactly what her younger brother wants, as a daughter what her parents want from her, as a wife what her husband likes or dislikes, and then as a mother – the ultimate enlightenment. Enlightenment – because in that realm, words have no access, only sensitivity and total, unconditional love. And it is all about the game of balance between relationships, evolving silently through life. She passes through life – spirited, happy, contented, loving and compassionate – spreading her happiness with her smile and musical laughter.

The woman of today has been able to transcend all that and beat the man at his own game in his mindset – of physical strength, capacity to earn and provide for the family and excel in any profession that she sets her sights on. She has become independent and liberated. As a girl in school, she had in all likelihood outperformed the boys in sports, art and academics. On top of all that, mainly because of the confidence and grace she exudes, she is beautiful and charming.

Knowing all of the above, man still thinks of a woman as the weaker sex, to trample all over her as a husband, as a boss. Man in all hypocrisy states that he respects a woman. But does he really? If only he could be half as enlightened, half as sensitive, half as compassionate, he could understand the feelings of a woman. He would never do anything to dampen the free spirit of this woman. He would never think of stunting the development of this superwoman in the making. He would only prefer to be reborn into this world as a woman.

For Woman’s Day: 8th March, 2011

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