This maddning morning….

My sister, Gunjan, wrote this account of her morning and it was so inspiring  and touching that I can’t help but put it down here.

“First the rains, then the total confusion on the streets, what with a major flyover in Noida turning into a 2 way street.

Then the sea of cars, sea, because when you are on top of a flyover, that’s all you can see, cars ! And you can feel the frustration of those hundred of thousands of people, as if screaming, shouting and yelling over and under their breath, mixing with the fumes of the vehicles- it’s almost as if you are going to gag.

I started the morning with a carry forward headache of the night before, couldn’t find a medicine… was in grief all the route through, so much pain in my head today.

Then a young lady on a scooty takes a swerve and hits into a young mans car and goes flying off her scooty. I drove past the Garhi crossing to see her sitting on the pavement alone, surrounded by some local gentle men- watching her from a safe distance.

I parked my car went running and she expressed a desire to go to her grandmom’s home which she says is close by.

I reversed my car to bring it near her; she said she couldn’t get up. Cuts on face, broken slippers, torn jeans, gnashes on under-chin , palms and knees- she began to go into shock and get cold. One guy by then recognized her, called her Chacha , so I waited along with her.

Another guy had emerged, with a water bottle, very kind and helpful- turns out is the guy who hit her- very cool and composed- kept saying : “she’s in shock”. I was so focused on the girl and letting her lean her rather large self on me, not to realize that so was he.

In another flash when I did get this, he began to softly say: “She was driving so fast, no rear view, no helmet…just cut over a bus and hit my car.”

What a fine man- kept saying he would take her to the hospital; insisted Chachaji take his number and even offered to drive with them.

He could have left, no one saw him, no one knew who he was, Chachji was in a hurry to rush away- obviously so.

I said to him, “that’s very fair of you”

He replied: “it’s the right thing to do.”

“Yes” I said, “It is the Rightest thing to do”

Would I have had the courage to do what he did?

An Impossible morning, taught me a big lesson, from a man maybe at least 15 years my younger. What ever the consequences- Do the right thing to do…

Just a way to get my groove back- so thanks for listening!!”

My message to Guna:

Hey! You may have given a lesson or two too you know:  who but you stops to let strange, hurt women to lean on them?

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