What Makes Me Happy

Often I surprise myself, I catch myself being happy

Grief I am aware of but happiness catches me napping

Stresses and angst will rule the mind, joy is a quiet reflex

Elation we take for granted, while the mind loves to perplex

To solve this conundrum I did resolve, grief I wanted to ban

I did introspect one day ‘bout what makes me a happy woman!

Is it the money in my bank, my stocks and shares a -soaring?

Is it the haute cuisine, fancy gadgets, the branded clothes I’m storing?

Does an invitation to a party make my heart leap?

Does expensive wine touch my heart down deep?

What makes my heart sing, what fills my soul with elation?

When do I really, in truth, feel genuine jubilation?

My heart leapt up the other day when I saw a rainbow in the sky

Its beauty shining through the clouds almost made me cry!

And I remember the yellow moon that night, when I walked in the park

And yes, the feel of my beloved’s hand as he reached for me in the dark.

I can feel the breeze again right now, when in the monsoon rain I ran

I believe, I do, that these little things make me a happy woman!

In college in the tea shop, joy was sitting with my friends and singing

In the university, Sunday morning when I heard the church bells ringing

So was it when I was a girl and this love I’ll ne’er outgrow

When my mother gently held my face and sweetly kissed me on my brow.

My baby’s laugh when I tickled his tummy, his fingers clutching mine

My son winning his first competition had me feeling just fine!

All these are wonderful joys and have given me bliss

But, do you know, there’s another feeling even better than this

When the stranger whom I stop to help, gives me that breathtaking smile

The wondrous fulfilment  that I have when I walk the extra mile

I know that every little service That I do for  humanity

Brings me not mere joy but closeness to divinity!

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